How to Increase Sales for the Festive Season

If done correctly, setting goals and targets for your staff is something that can massively enhance your business, especially in the run up to the festive season. Your Premier Spa and Premier Salon appointment booking and marketing software has a mountain of data that you probably never use, and this is where you should start. Decide on the general plan, discuss individually and with your team, and then use the data from your software to set the targets.

Selling is a tough job, however incentives such as cash, gifts and recognition can work to motivate and encourage your staff. To ensure all of your team are getting involved and to avoid the same people ‘winning’, look to set targets on specific products or services – these could be themed around any new stock or treatments you bring in for Christmas. You could even look to set individual targets for each staff member.

If the target is retail or service-based, your Premier Spa or Premier Salon software will be able to show exact historical data on how your team has performed previously. Use this, and then factor in elements such as the time of year and the weather to create a sensible and achievable set of goals for your team.

The secret to setting targets is to make everyone in the business aware of what the targets are – and to have a daily or live set of data to see how each team member is performing. If targets are visible to everyone, the whole team will perform better, including more junior staff who will be able to see what can be achieved.