Festive Tips to Increase Your Retail Sales

It may not always cross your mind, but increasing your retail sales is a great way to impact profit in your salon or spa.  Get your Christmas retail sales off to a great start with these tips:

1. Create the ultimate Christmas window display

Whether you target current customers or passers by, there are many effective ways to create an eye-catching window that will show off your retail products to a variety of audiences. If you are limited with space, you can use mirrors to bounce objects off one another to create the effect of your Christmas window looking three times bigger than it actually is. Incorporate some movement by using flashing fairy lights and dangling decorations that will move with every open of your salon or spa front door.

2. Prepare your marketing in advance

You may have heard the saying, ‘Christmas starts in July’ when working within the hair and beauty industry. It is a great time to start planning your marketing to target your clients. Whether you run a Christmas product event, or simply want to offer Christmas discounts on current retail stock, your marketing is extremely important. There are many ways to ensure that your clients pay attention to your emails and social media posts; offer discounts which are clearly visible in subject lines and use bright Christmas colours within the emails when highlighting any offers. Word of mouth is such an effective marketing tool; tell your clients to look out for your emails and push a recommend a friend scheme with a hefty Christmas discount.

3. Promote both small and large products

Targeting a varied market will ensure you get the most out of your retail sales. Ensure that you have Christmas offers on large products as well as cheaper stocking fillers. A great way to entice your clients into purchasing extras from your salon or spa is to have an offer basket sat on or next to your pay desk. Clearly display discounted prices and don’t forget to ask them if they want to pick up any cheap products on their way out ready for Christmas.

4. Order your themed gift cards

Christmas themed gift cards are a great way to boost your retail sales. You can put on special retail offers whereby gift cards can only be used to purchase retail products during December & January. Adding an expiry date to these gift cards will also prompt customers to use these on their retail products before it’s too late!

5. Incentivise staff retail sales

Motivate your team by increasing the commission percentage for retail sales just for the Christmas period. Make selling retail products fun and competitive by offering a Christmas bonus to the staff member who has sold the most retail products. These sales can be easily monitored per staff member by running stock and commission reports from your current software provider.

These tips can be used all year round during the different holiday periods to increase your retail sales. If selling products becomes a team effort, then your product sales will take off!