How to Encourage Clients to Be Brand Ambassadors

For most business, being accessible online can be both a blessing and a curse, due to the freedom of expression that comes with it. But whilst there will always be the negative side to the internet, it provides your clients with an easy platform to promote your business through favourable reviews. Though you may be reluctant when it comes to the internet with clients being able to vent their unhappiness with your service, we take a look at how it can be used to encourage clients to be brand ambassadors.

If your customer service is gold class and your clients are often complimenting you on the services you offer and the way you make them feel, you can be assured that you are doing customer service right. But it is also worth ensuring that you have a solid programme in place to help manage any problems or concerns that your clients have. Once you have this, the likelihood of receiving negative feedback is greatly reduced as your clients will already know the procedure for raising a complaint.

The best way to encourage clients to be brand ambassadors is to inspire as many of your happy clients to provide you with feedback. Whether it’s for use on your website, your Facebook page or websites such as TripAdvisor. Although having client testimonials and reviews on your website, more often that not, reviews elsewhere on the internet act as a more powerful feedback tool as the clients have gone out of their way to post them on independent review sites.

You can encourage your clients to be brand ambassadors by giving them an incentive to do so, almost like the loyalty schemes you already have in place with your Premier Software appointment booking and marketing software. Discount vouchers for future treatments or an entry into a prize draw can be all it takes to encourage your clients to recommend your brand online.

Do you use any different methods of encouraging your clients to be brand ambassadors? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear how you inspire your clients to leave online reviews for your business.