Do You Know What Your Clients Really Think?

Back in April, Premier set about creating a questionnaire that we could put to our clients as a way of finding out what they thought of our products and services. We’re always trying to improve and think it is important to get feedback from those in the industry who are using our product on a daily basis.

In the form of an online survey, we emailed our clients inviting them to follow a link to our questionnaire so that they could take a couple of minutes out of their day to let us know what they really think.

You might be thinking that’s great, but what’s that got to do with my business?

Client surveys are a great way of doing customer research, finding out whether there’s a particular service or treatment that your clients love or whether they think there’s something your business is missing. You might be put off at first, thinking that you’re just creating an opportunity for people to moan or that you already know what your clients think, but there are so many positives to getting this kind of research from your clients:

  • Being able to understand what it is that your clients absolutely loves not only gives you a great confidence boost that you’re doing the right thing, but that you should also be doing more of it and finding a way to make that service/treatment/product/promotion even better!
  • Although no-one wants to hear negatives about their business, how are you going to improve if you don’t? Finding out what little things your clients¬†don’t like could be the key to taking your business up another level.
  • Your clients are an asset – being the client gives them a different perspective to your business and asking them their thoughts may lead to the discovery of new ideas to help you deliver a better and more consistent client experience.

As with any marketing, you need to figure out what it is you want from the survey so that you can start to tailor the questions accordingly. Do you want to know what your clients love about your spa or salon so you can use these as testimonials on your website? Or do you want to know what areas of your business you can improve upon?

To get the most out of your client survey or questionnaire, we have provided a couple of important points to consider:

  • Keep the survey or questionnaire anonymous. Removing the box where the clients’ name would go allows them to be honest and remain unidentified.
  • Ask both open and closed questions: questions where clients can score certain areas of the business, yes or no questions and ones where you can ask your clients to explain, describe or write down their thoughts on particular areas of your business.
  • Allow your clients to complete the questionnaire in peace, away from any members of your salon or spa staff so as to not influence their answers. Once they have then filled it in, ask them to place the survey into a box so staff don’t know who the survey belongs to.
  • We would advise that you set 2 – 3 months aside for the survey. It is important that you get a good representation of opinions from not only your regular clients but also new clients.
  • Sometimes it can be hard to get clients to take the time to fill in a questionnaire, however offering an incentive (money off or free treatment/service) may help sway them to take those extra few minutes whilst at your salon to fill it in. If you still want to your clients answers to remain anonymous, try having two boxes on your reception desk – one for the anonymous surveys and one for clients to write their name and contact details. At the end of the survey period, pick a winner from the box of contact details.

A paper survey is probably more ideal for those businesses that wish to ask their client to fill in the questionnaire as soon as they walk through the door, however you could email all of your clients a link to an online survey. Survey Monkey is great for these kinds of surveys as all of the data is collated for you and shown in bars and graphs. Once you have all of the feedback to hand, you can start to take action!