How To Boost Your Retail Sales With Merchandise

We don’t have to tell you that retail is a vital part of boosting your salon revenue every month, but what you might not know however is that there are ways of unlocking additional revenue through visual marketing. But what is visual marketing and how does it relate to merchandising?

Simply put, it is a way to boost your retail sales by engaging this area of your business with your clients at every step of their customer journey. The more you engage your clients with your retail products, the more likely they are to purchase the merchandise.

Below we have outlined a few handy tips to help you as business owners and managers to successfully boost your retail sales with merchandise.

Mix up your retail display

First thing to consider – when was the last time you mixed up your retail display? If you are struggling to answer this, then it might be time to transform the placement of your merchandise. A simple change such as placing those high-end products at eye level can do massive things to boost your retail sales. Ideally you should look to move your display around once a month. This is a great opportunity for giving each of your merchandise items the limelight and ensuring that your display looks fresh and new every time your clients come for their next appointment.

Boost your consultations

Consultations hold a lot of value and it is during this time with your client that you can really start introducing them to your retail products. Usually this is the first port of call for a new client as you discuss the treatment plan ahead and start building trust between client and brand. However the best kind of consultations are the ones where the client is shown exactly which products will be used with them and why certain products will benefit them more than others. This is your chance to show your client how knowledgeable you are, as well as showing them that you have taken their skin type and preferences into account. Always ensure you are bringing your retail products into your consultations, as well as potentially creating “recommended for you” packages to present to the client upon checkout. Your business relies on having your clients and there is no better guarantee of a repeat customer than one that feels valued and special!

Be clever in your approach

You might be wondering how you can ensure you are promoting your merchandise during every part of the customer journey, but it is a lot easier than you think. Downtime is an important part of your client experience, especially in a spa environment, so use this opportunity to have your products on show in the areas where your clients would relax. Also consider creating a ‘lookbook’ of your products that clients could look through during their downtime. Having something beautifully presented and ‘on brand’ reinforces their trust in you and thus puts trust into the products you are showcasing. Consider also creating an incentive for your staff to promote certain products each month to help boost your sales and also make sure  you have some cheaper, essential items for sale at checkout for those impulse buys. Remember, just an additional £10 sale a day can bring you near £3650 a year in revenue.

Ensuring you implement all of these tips can help to boost your retail sales and bring you additional revenue. If you have any handy tips that we haven’t mentioned, leave a comment below as we’d love to hear them!