Be the One-Stop Shop for Your Clients’ Beauty Needs

As the countdown to the holiday season begins, clients are looking to get pampered prior to jetting off for their summer vacation. Be the one-stop shop for your clients’ beauty needs with summer packages, summer themed retail products and extended opening hours.

Summer Packages

One of the things that currently makes you stand out from your competitors is your menu. Whether you offer treatments clients can’t get locally elsewhere or they come to you for your affordable price and great service, you should capitalise on these points during the summer.

Why not combine popular treatments which work well together into a variety of discounted summer packages, available for a limited time only. Whether that’s a manicure, pedicure and tan, or a bikini wax, eyebrow thread and body wrap, you can schedule these packages into your spa software and take a deposit to secure the booking.

Summer Themed Retail

Accompany these treatments with summer-themed retail products to help prolong that bronzed hue or gel polish pedicure while they’re away.

Create a retail display which demonstrates your summer essentials and guide clients to this section after their appointment to upsell. You may also wish to put a bowl of travel-sized essentials by the till point for impulse buys.

Extended Opening Hours

Extending your opening hours will become a huge selling point. As clients are unlikely to book extra holiday at work to visit your salon, they will appreciate being able to book treatments outside of working hours and at a time to suit them.

If you are going to offer this facility, remember to publicise it on your website, social media channels and inform clients through texts and emails. These can be scheduled using your software’s automated marketing tool.

Online Booking

If your working hours are extended, don’t you think your booking facility should be as well? Offer online booking through your website or Facebook page 24/7 to help secure that extra custom, even when you’re closed.

Additional Loyalty Points

Why not entice clients in with the offer of additional loyalty points?

Perhaps offer double points when clients book an appointment on your slower days, or reward them for referring their friends. By providing this type of reward, you are securing their custom in future as they will not only attend your salon for the double points incentive but also return at a later date to redeem their reward.