New year resolutions to reshape your salon

What’s your New Year’s resolution? The New Year is the perfect time to set new goals and smash them to revitalise your salon. If you’re still in need of a resolution, here are five achievable ideas to get you started.

“This year, I want to…”

“…plump up our sales”

Using Salon by Premier Software, you can run a report on last year’s figures and see what did well and what didn’t. If a specific hairstyle did well but your retail didn’t during summer, why not offer promotions on the stock that helps maintain that hairstyle?

“…increase new clients with packages”

With everyone after a fresh start, revitalising treatments such as skin peels and microdermabrasion make for a fabulous January makeover package! Tailoring your packages to the seasons is a great way to bring in clients throughout the year.

“…refresh the look of the salon”

New year, new… salon? If you’re feeling like a brighter look is in order, you don’t have to go far with the costings to freshen up the feel. Simply mixing up the interior colour scheme, ambient lighting or new furnishings can go a long way to rejuvenate your salon and create a client buzz. Don’t forget to promote your new look on social media with Salon.

“…increase the salon’s positivity”

Your team is what makes your salon special, so why not keep them positive? Involve them as much as possible in your New Year plans and they’re more likely to happily support that vision. If they’re unsure, listen to why that is. Your team’s happiness will create a positive and pleasant salon to be in!

“…increase client retention by 10%”

Give your resolution a number and you’ll have something specific to work towards! Salon can help implement a loyalty points scheme and pre-book appointments to make sure your client retention goals are met. Luckily, we already have plenty of ideas how to achieve this in our client retention tid-bit.

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