Post-Christmas Lull

How you can prepare your salon for the post-Christmas lull

After a blizzard of clients, it’s time to prepare your salon for the post-Christmas lull. Sure, Christmas may still be just around the corner, but acting now will prevent a quiet New Year. Here are just some of our sparkling ideas to make sure your salon is kept busy, post-festivity:


Quiet-time promotions

Creating promotions for your quieter periods are a great way to attract clients. Something like “Look amazing this Tuesday with free eyebrow tinting with your hair cut” sounds attractive because it tells clients the benefits of your deal… and useful if Tuesday is one of your quiet days!


Message clients

Keeping existing clients is hard, but just as important as new ones. Why not send them a message for the new year? “We miss you” goes a long way to remind existing clients you’re there for them, bringing them in during the new year lull.


Social media promotion

Share your skills on Instagram, share industry news on Twitter and post promotions on Facebook! No matter what social network you use, socialise in style and you’re bound to bring in prospective clients that’ll fill those quiet periods.


Retail gift cards

With everyone wanting to buy gifts, the run up to Christmas is the perfect time to retail gift cards. Once the quieter months invade, those that received the gift cards as presents will start to come in. Not only will you be making the most of Christmas, but also the New Year!


Team celebration

One of the easiest things to gloss over is how your team’s doing, post-Christmas. Chances are, they’ll be all buzzed out from the busy period and not recognising all their hard work during this quieter time can lead to them cutting their ties. Why not acknowledge a job well done or treat the team to a congratulatory team lunch?


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