New Year new clients

Best ways to attract clients to your salon in January and February

The New Year is often quiet, which is why attracting clients, new and old, is important. New clients can bolster your salon during January and February, whilst current clients will provide your safety net. With the New Year upon us, here are several useful tips to attract clients to your salon using Salon by Premier Software:

Social media and blogging

Sharing pictures of your new cuts and styles reminds clients what you can do. Salon links with your social media platforms, meaning you can easily share your work to attract clients for their New Year’s new look! If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can run a social media competition where clients can win a new style to start the year afresh.

New Year event

A salon event is essentially a mini party. Creating a theme will drum up attention amongst clients new and old, particularly if centred around ‘New Year, New You’ right now. Use Salon to market the event to loyal clients and new clients alike via SMS, spreading the word.

Attractive packages

The start of the year is all about revitalisation, so why not offer that ‘fresh start’ to attract new clients? Packages focused on total makeovers or courses dedicated to and skin peels are easily set up within Salon and ensure clients feel renewed.

Refer a friend scheme

This works by first making your current clients feel valued. With a great service and words thanking them for their visit, they’ll remember you and refer you to a friend. Thanks to Salon, you can set up a scheme where clients receive a discount off their next appointment, once they’ve referred a friend.

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