How to Apply Howling Halloween Makeup with our Favourite Looks

Halloween is perfect to show off your cutting-edge creativity with spooktacular hair and makeup. With the right ideas, your competition won’t stand a ghost of a chance against your designs! Here is a selection of our favourite Halloween looks to take inspiration from.


Living doll

The only thing creepier than a porcelain doll is one that moves about! With careful application of gel eyeliner and a happy dollop of rouge blusher, your clients can look like a living doll. Complete the look with the right hairstyle or wig in the same way Jen has in her From Head to Toe tutorial:


Creepy cat

Meeeeeow! Cat-ch the eye of clients with this ferocious feline. Aqua XL Gel de Maquillage is used for the fur, complete in black, white, brown and nude, whilst liquid lipsticks make up those luscious lips. Best of all, you can style your hair into ears with extensions and card. Watch Maryam Maquillage’s tutorial at:

Jack O’ Lantern

Sometimes the best looks don’t need lots of different products, just imagination. Dark tones and clever makeup skills can give the illusion that your face is carved like a pumpkin! Scary but effective, Pinterest user @sadie.shill_makeup shows off her version of the pumpkin look:

Halloween makeup
Halloween makeup



Alluring and terrifying, sirens are like mermaids but with devilish appearance! This is the perfect excuse for bed-hair or just want to do something a bit different. Prepare your emerald tints for Maritza Alis’s tutorial at:


Pop art punk

You don’t have to be something frightening to look great at Halloween! With vibrant colours, dots and broad outlines, you can transform into a real-life piece of pop art. Jordan Hanz provides a tutorial to brush up on how to achieve this: