Halloween Window Display

Hallowe’en-tice Clients in with Spooktacular Window Dressing

Don’t leave your windows looking bare bones! Halloween is a great time to get creative, especially with a refreshing window display to attract new clients. We assure you, there’s no tricks here! Just four enticing treats…


Spooky posters

Special Halloween services are well worth advertising in your window! If you have vibrant cobweb-styled nail designs, why not show them off on a spooky themed poster? Wicked advertising showing off your Halloween make-up or treatments could prove a monstrous success!


Cobwebs and lighting

Woollen cobwebs always look super effective as window dressing. You know what’s even better? Hair! Using your extension to create silhouetted cobwebs can look affective with atmospheric lighting. Hang them in the corners of your window frame for some hair-raising consequences.


Training heads

Stay ahead of the competition with… a head! You’re bound to have a training head somewhere, so why not spruce it up with wild backcombed hair, or place a frizzy wig on a canvas block head in your window? Add a fake tombstone reading “RIP messy hair” and you’ll advertise what you do whilst still showing your fun side.


Display layers

Experimenting with layers and height are great ways to show depth. With a spooky 3D pyramid, you could display some of your retail products amongst bandaged mummies and jack-o-lanterns. Make sure you place something unique at the top, like a patterned pumpkin showing off your staff’s skills.


Keeping your window display fresh will show off your creativity and help attract new clients. So, why not have fun this Halloween by using the above ideas, dressing up and showing your style?