Wedding Belles

It’s almost that time of year again where Brides-to-Be start pouring over magazines for the perfect wedding hairstyles to match their dream dresses, and with this new season comes new clients in search of something to wow them. There are few clients who will know immediately which style they would like and in most cases your blushing brides will want to ‘try on’ different styles. As a salon you need to ensure you are up to date with current trends for bridal styles and showcase a wide variety (as no bride wants the same style as another).

We don’t need to tell you that image is everything so if you’re lacking inspiration this year, we have a couple of suggestions of where to find the perfect bridal styles:

  • Pinterest. If you have a Pinterest account then keep it active! As the images on Pinterest link to all corners of the internet, you are more likely to find an array of images for inspiration than you would flicking through a magazine.
  • The Red Carpet. Awards season runs from January to Spring, so make the most of this opportunity by spotting what styles the celebs are wearing. Inspiration can also be taken from what they’re wearing, not just their hair so take in as much of the glamour as you can.
  • Catwalk Shows. Much like the red carpet, looking at what trends are coming out of London Fashion Week and beyond, you can start to link your wedding hair styles to those linked with fashion.
  • Look Everywhere. Although the internet and magazines are the go-to choices for inspiration, looks and styles can be found in the most unlikeliest of places. From architecture to fabric, sometimes ideas can come when you’re least expecting them.

What hairstyles and trends do you think will be big with Brides this wedding season?