Tame Your Summer Locks

Keep the bad hair days to a minimum with our fool-proof guide to taming your locks this Summer.

Whether you’re home or abroad this Summer the warm, muggy days often bring with them increased humidity and a frizz frenzy that can be hard to control. We’ve got you covered with the best way to keep yours and your clients hair looking in tip-top shape.

Use the right products

If your hair is naturally textured, any kind of moisture in the air will revert any heat styling to keep it straight back to its naturally wavy or curly state – a nightmare for those that are prone to any slight frizz. To control your hair, it is best you use a lightweight moisturising shampoo and conditioner that will hydrate your hair so it won’t soak up any excess from the humid air.

While your hair is still damp, tame those flyaways with a lightweight serum or oil as the ingredients act as a repellent to humidity. Perfect for maintaining gorgeous locks no matter where you are, just make sure your hair is 100% dry before you step outside to ensure your hard work hasn’t gone to waste!

Bonus tip

For days when you just don’t want to risk the humidity ruining your perfectly straight hair, loosely clip your hair up until you reach your destination. This will keep your hair from taking on a life of its own and once you are safe back indoors, remove the clip, running your fingers through your hair and then spritz with an anti-humidity spray.