Moustache? Must Dash!

With November now being better known as Movember since 2003, with awareness being raised for Testicular Cancer, moustaches and facial hair in general have become a trend in themselves. For those beard-loving, moustache-wearing fans, it takes time and a lot of TLC to keep everything in tip top shape and condition. With this in mind, we have some expert tips for moustache maintenance on-the-go.

  1. When starting out your ‘tache growth it is best to keep it trim with a beard trimmer or clippers, but as the weeks go by it is better to swap the clippers for a good pair of scissors and moustache comb to help tidy around the mouth.
  2. Don’t forget to exfoliate by getting yourself a facial scrub to help remove unwanted food or dead skin that may be building up in your moustache during the early stages of growth.
  3. Use shampoo and conditioner. The hair on your face can be very coarse, which can make your skin dry and itchy so keep your moustache clean and conditioned.
  4. Never cut your ‘tache whilst it’s wet as the hair will hang longer and may cause you to trim too much.
  5. Give your moustache some definition in a dash with a little treat of wax. It will keep those flyaways at bay and keep your hair in top condition.
  6. Always moisturise the skin underneath and around your moustache to avoid additional dryness and ‘dandruff’.


What tips do you have for looking after facial hair? If you have some more pointers, please leave a comment below.