Web Booking Goes Mobile

We’re getting used to being able to do pretty much everything while on the move today.  From checking our emails to ordering groceries, being able to use those spare minutes during the daily commute has swiftly become a way of life.

With the latest improvements to our Internet Booking system, your clients can now easily book appointments directly from their mobile.  Best of all – you don’t need to do anything to enable the new feature; clients visiting your web booking page will automatically get the correct view without having to worry about any settings or configuration.

Check out the screenshots below or, if you’d like to test it out yourself, simply scan the QR code below with your phone, or click here (selecting this link on your PC will still open the mobile version, so it may look a little strange!).

Please note that, at this stage, clients must first register by the web before being able to use the mobile site, and there is currently no facility to take payments via the mobile site.