Ways to Keep Cool When It’s Hot Outside

It’s amazing how a hot summers day can turn a client’s salon visit (usually considered relaxing, quality me-time) into an unappealing prospect (sitting under a plastic hairdressing cape, under the blasting heat of a hairdryer while slowly melting into a puddle). But all need not be lost! There are ways to keep cool when it’s hot outside and we have collated some of our favourites for you below. So, sit back with a cool iced drink and have a gander at our sizzling tips:

Salon environment

  1. On a hot day, it may sound counterintuitive to keep your blinds down and the windows shut. Typically, we believe that the welcome breeze from outside will cool us down. However, all we are really doing is introducing the heat from outside indoors. By blocking out the sun and running air con or fans inside you will help to cool your clients without making your salon hotter.
  2. With so much heat created from your hairdryer, rollerball or hood dryer or styling tools, why not begin your client’s appointment with a cool backwash – instant relief as they enter your salon from the heat outside.
  3. Stock your ladies or gents room with body spray to allow your clients to refresh before they leave your salon.
  4. Use products that contain cooling ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus or Mint.

Stock the fridge

  1. Nothing is more welcome than a chilled beverage on a warm summer’s day, so why not consider vamping up your client’s menu with the introduction of decaf iced tea or coffee, chilled juices, smoothies or bubbly. Avoid anything with caffeine as this will raise the metabolic heat within the body.
  2. Although this may sound counterproductive, drinking a piping hot cappuccino can also be one of the most effective ways to cool down. The temperature of favourite hot drinks enhance circulation, causing you to sweat which ultimately cools you down. Who knew?! Still want an iced drink? We do too!
  3. On the opposite end of the scale you could consider stocking ice cream from a local supplier. These little tubs of joy will not only provide welcome relief but will also add to your 5-star salon experience.

Keep staff in mind

  1. Working in heat can cause tiredness and frayed tempers. Therefore, being mindful of your staff and thinking of ways to ease the working day will help keep harmony amongst peers. Try relaxing your staff’s dress code, encourage wearing lighter colours, alter their shift patterns to start and finish earlier, keep the air con blowing and top the staff fridge with cool, refreshing treats.
  2. Top Tip: If staff find themselves feeling overheated, advise that they run the backs of their hands under cold water for 5 seconds to help cool the blood.


When all is said and done, you have a legal responsibility to take care of your team and ensure you are making your salon as comfortable of an environment to work in as possible. Therefore implanting a few of these tips will help to promote and happy workplace and happy clients during the summer months to come.