Attract Spa Staff

Five secrets to attract and keep spa staff

One of the largest challenges for a spa business is hiring and maintaining staff. Unsociable hours and a lack of clear career path can be a deterrent for those just starting, whereas feeling undervalued can lead to a drop in experienced staff. With the right approach, attracting and maintaining staff can be made easier with these five simple suggestions:

A good training programme

Making the spa industry attractive is as simple as offering training. Investing in training is important for graduates looking for an entry point, showing a career path to progress on. Investing in regular training will positively portray your business to your staff, too, motivating them to stay long-term.

A positive atmosphere

As a spa leader, allowing staff to suggest improvements or inspiring them with a can-do attitude can lift their positivity. Through empowering your staff, their positivity will seep into the fabric of your business and create a wonderful atmosphere for staff and clients alike.

Sharing client feedback

It can be easy to just share negative feedback but passing on positive comments is just as important. After all, complimentary feedback lets your staff know their work is valued, boosting their morale and making them feel their role is right for them.

Communicate the spa vision

Communicating the company objective will make sure everyone is working towards the same goal. Not only that, it will help your staff understand how they contribute to that larger goal, as well as their effect on the business. Knowing the impact of their work can not only help motivate staff but make them feel appreciated.

Providing a flexible schedule

The beauty and wellness industry is known for its evenings and weekend hours, so there’s nothing more attractive to new applicants than a flexible schedule. A timetable that allows for more sociable hours such as one weekend off every month or shorter shifts can make a huge difference.

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