Spa Mental Health Wellness

Essential methods to maintain wellness at work

Spa, gym or hotel environments can be pressurised, impacting employee health if not monitored. As employee wellness and performance are closely linked, maintaining mental wellness is important not just for yourself and your staff, but also your business. With our essential advice to boost wellness in the work environment, you can make sure that all’s well that ends well.

Host regular staff meetings

Making sure you organise regular one-to-one or group meetings with your staff can make a huge difference. Through listening to how they are and any problems they may have, you will not only make them feel valued, but can act to eliminate those issues if they relate to your business.

Natural light

Exposing skin to sunlight produces ‘serotonin’, a chemical that produces positivity and combats depression. The World Green Building Council also attests that natural lighting increases productivity by 18 per cent. It therefore makes sense to incorporate natural lighting in the work environment where possible.

Provide healthy nourishment

Staff areas often have vending machines with an assortment of sugary snacks, promoting sugar crashes and a drop in mental productivity. Fruit and yoghurts act as healthier alternatives if stocked in the staff rooms, whilst nuts and plant seeds offer depression dispelling nutrients such as Omega 3.

Physical activity

Physical exercise can help mentally; it can relieve stress, aid with sleep and combat depression. Regular exercise releases chemicals in your brain such as endorphins, which energise your spirits. Scheduling time before or after work for a quick run can discharge anxiety and boost self-esteem.

Create a quiet area

Quiet spaces often reduce stress, allowing for a soothing respite akin to meditation. Allow for a quiet area and you or your staff can recuperate before heading back into the fray. Adding some plants into the space can also relieve stress, with studies highlighting how they can create a relaxing atmosphere.

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