The client card: An essential tool for maximising business?

In this industry it’s all about the customer – so how well do you know yours?  – And what do you do with that information? Below are some helpful tips on how to turn your client cards into an essential marketing tool…

Where did your clients hear about you?

Recording how existing clients heard about you will help you to asses how effective you marketing campaigns are; and what particular activities provoke the most interest.

Know your client!

Everything, from their age, height, skin and hair type – to how many children they have and any medical conditions should be recorded. This type of information will be invaluable to you. Knowing whether your client has a certain type of skin can help you to personalise the experience to suit them. If you do this correctly, this information can also assist you in recommending the right products and recognising up-selling opportunities.

Premier’s stock management software also provides a history of individual client purchases and buying behaviour. If you are really on the ball, after a client purchases a product you could set a reminder when you think that product will run out – this way you could offer the chance for feedback or create a repeat purchase opportunity.

Your client will value this tailored experience – and there is more chance they’ll value your brand and products in return.

Reward your loyal customers!

It is important to monitor your individual clients spend. The best way to do this is by a points system. Allocating points per spend, similar to that of the Sainsbury’s and Boots schemes will encourage your client to keep returning. Rewarding them with a new treatment will encourage your client to work their way through the treatment menu.

Keep track of your newbies!

There are tonnes of potential when it comes to new clients visiting your salon. Avoid letting them slip through your net by adding them to your data base. With this information you can make follow-ups, send out vouchers and/or recommend treatments for them. This leads me on to the next point.

And finally…Communicate!

Make sure your clients contact details are accurately recorded and up-dated regularly. With the help of software like premier, you will be able to send your clients, customised promotions. Today, there are a number of multi-media ways in which you can contact a client; from SMS and email to facebook. The more creative you can be, the better response you will get.

*Remember! A single status update on facebook or a tweet about their experience at your salon – has the power to directly impact the profitability of your business!

For more information on how you and your salon can utilise client information please call: 01543 466 580