How to Perfect Your Consultation

Client consultations are one of the most important steps in a client’s journey. Not only do they contribute towards feelings of being comfortable and valued, but they also provide a chance to recommend appointment upgrades, alternative treatments or retail products, and can reduce the time between visits. A thorough consultation will also enable other members of staff to accurately treat clients they’ve not seen before.

Looking at the wider benefits of this tool, consultations will show professionalism and dedication which can increase referrals and positive online reviews while protecting you in salon should you need to refer to them later in the case of a complaint. For advice on how to perfect your consultation process, peek at our pointers below:


After greeting the client, the consultation should be the first thing you do. Once in the treatment room or at the workstation, offer them a seat and ensure they are comfortable before sitting with them to discuss what they expect to gain from their appointment. Talking to them directly, at eye level, referring to them by name, smiling and matching their body language are all good ways to build a trusting relationship with your client.


Following on from this, it is all about asking the right questions and listening carefully to the client’s answers to ensure you can address all their concerns. Good questions to use include ‘What are you hoping to achieve?’ or ‘What styles and colours appeal to you?’ When combined with queries about the client’s lifestyle, you will be able to glean as much information as possible from them to tailor your advice. For example, if they reveal they are short for time, you can suggest hassle-free hairstyles or express treatments.

Using a tick sheet as a prompt for gathering important information is fine. However, to avoid this step feeling like just another exercise, remember to ask questions outside of the information received on the tick sheet and make notes to demonstrate that you are listening and taking what they say seriously.


Before the consultation ends, you should reconfirm with your client what they would like. Demonstrate your understanding of their goals and let them know what that involves, including the price. As wording can sometimes be misinterpreted, showing pictures where possible will reduce confusion or miscommunication – leading to a high satisfaction rate.


Now all you need to do is put your new consultation to work and measure the results through your Premier Salon or Premier Spa reports. Whether you wish to monitor new client retention, client referrals, client return frequency, stock sold by staff or another aspect of your business, be sure not to miss this step as it will help you demonstrate what is working and what your staff may need additional training to achieve.