Festive Season

Festive season solutions to keep you healthy

The festive season is here and so are busy schedules and indulgent treats! Mulled wine and cold climes may be enough to throw us off-balance, but it’s easy to cleanse your health in order to manage the salon at your best. Here are our top tips to keep healthy during the Christmas period:


A nutty solution

Christmas has plenty food, but it’s not all bad! Beyond the mince pies you’ll find the nuts, complete with a soluble fibre that boosts immune systems and helps with weight loss. Nuts are also strong in Omega 3, as are fish and plant seeds, which help lower depression during the darker winter days.


Scheduled exercise

At least 15 minutes of daily exercise will help keep away those jiggling hips. Involving a friend is also great for motivation, using sessions to catch-up or form a friendly rivalry. If the frosty weather is keeping you inside, then yoga, aerobics or strength training are all wonderful ways to work out whilst watching Netflix!


Knowing when to drink

We all like a festive drink, but did you know alcohol burns off slower than food? That means eating whilst you drink will likely turn it into fat! Eating before hitting the booze is the best way to tackle this dilemma. Top tip: Sip plenty of water between each glass of wine to keep you hydrated and healthy.


Keeping in touch

Mental health is often overlooked but it’s super important to our overall wellbeing. Keeping in touch with friends and family will go a long way in your downtime from busy salon seats. It’s good to talk, and relieving to feel listened to, energising you for your next salon session in more ways than one.


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