12 Days of Christmas: Day 1 – Keep In Touch

Years ago, in the days of our youth (stop laughing at the back), there was an advert where Bob Hoskins infamously used to say “it’s good to talk”. It’s still good to talk, but now nearly everybody has a mobile phone, sometimes it’s just as good to text.

It’s hard to ignore the familiar buzz / beep of an incoming message, so here are our quick tips for getting the most out of SMS within your Premier Software.

Set up Automated Text Messages

If you’re using our Premier Spa or Premier Style software, you can set up your system to automatically send appointment reminders to your clients by text.

This simple step will dramatically reduce the number of ‘no shows’, so that clients won’t miss their appointments, and you won’t miss the opportunity to provide your services.

Communication in an Instant

Want to quickly and effectively promote a new stock range, or a particular treatment? Using the marketing button in the Manager part of your software, you can easily send out messages to targeted groups of clients.

This means you can specifically select people who you know would be interested in your offer, providing a good service to your clients while keeping your marketing costs down at the same time.

Keep it Personal

Your software not only lets you do batch messages easily and simply – it also lets you send single, personalised messages to a client to quickly let them know anything you wish.  Want to send a quick thank you, or a reminder that they’ve left something?  You can, direct from the client card.

Don’t have an SMS account set up with us yet? Get in touch, and you can be adding value to your business within 24 hours.