12 Days of Christmas Day 5 – Five Gold Rings

Why struggle with tatty paper client cards and barely legible scrawled history notes?  Spa and Salon software is swiftly taking over as the best way of helping

While we’re obviously (and deservedly!) biased, here’s some tips on what to look for when selecting the software for your salon.

Cost is always a fundamental when selecting a system, especially in times like these where money needs to be stretched a long way.


  • Is the software yours at purchase, or are you tied into a hire purchase or other scheme?
  • Do you need to purchase any ‘bolt-on’ items to allow you to have the full power of the software?
  • How established is the company you’re purchasing from?  Experience is usually worth the price.

What features does the software have?  Every system should be able to store client record cards and allow you to book appointments, but does your software contain the features you really need?


  •  Are you able to easily produce text messages and emails to your clients?
  • Can your clients book appointments over the internet?


The whole idea of purchasing software to run your salon or spa is to take away the stress of admin, and to let you get on with providing the best possible service to your clients.  Computers, and software, can occasionally go wrong, or you may just need some help, so you’ll want comprehensive help without having to spend too much time dealing with support.


  • What’s the cost of support, and what does it include? As an example, our software support includes free updates to your system, so any new features or software patches are automatically made available to you.
  • Is there any cost to contacting support (e.g. a premium rate number)?  Our support line is free to call from a landline, so there’s no extra hidden charges to get in touch.
  • Can the support team connect into your system to aid in assisting you?
  • What availability does the support team have?  If you’ve purchased a system that isn’t UK based, can you contact them during your working hours?