Beautify Your Business

As more and more salons start offering beauty services, Premier looks at how adding such services to your salon menu can help to enhance your business. Why let your clients go elsewhere to get their nails and other beauty treatments done? If you have the capacity in your business to grow, it might be worth selling beauty treatments alongside your hair services.

So how do you go about expanding your business to provide such treatments?

The most easiest way and perhaps the best to test the water with, is to start booking your clients in for a nail treatment whilst they have a colour or chemical service. Not only does this increase profits whilst usually the client would be sat reading a magazine in your reception area, but there is also the opportunity for the nail technician to get to know the client more and up-sell on any retail products.

Waxing is also a fundamental service that is often lucrative to any business with not just women using the service, but also many men opting for chest, back and intimate waxes. If this is a service that you are keen to provide, it is important that you have a private space within your salon to carry out each and any of these treatments. Also it is vital that when hiring a beauty professional to do these services, that they are fully qualified to do the services you offer so that you can make sure they are insured.

Beauty treatments could be the answer to increasing client loyalty within your salon and with that, increasing your profits. It is essential though to ensure that if this is the path you wish to go down, ensure your beauty therapist has a great product knowledge, as well as approachable personality and good retailing skills to help you boost your salon’s projected targets.

Premier Software can help you to achieve this transition by providing you with Premier Spa – the software solution that enables you to allocate rooms and equipment for your beauty treatments. Head to our website to find out more about what Premier Software can do for your business!