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It’s Time to go Pro!

Ever wondered how to maintain a great salon?

It’s the same thing that makes all businesses great – consistency and customer service. We have all had an ‘average’ meal in a restaurant that gave exceptional service and the chances are we have all gone back. Consistency in the salon is the key to maintaining success, the client should have the same amazing experience every time they visit you but we all know this can sometimes not be the case

You need to make sure you have clear guidelines for how a client should be treated at every step of their journey and all staff should do their utmost to ensure that they deliver that level of service. Simple yet effective extras like free treatment or styling advice and great product recommendations are easy and cost effective to provide. And make a big impact.

Software can really help to add the personal touches that an exceptional experience requires. Simple things like recording a clients drink and favourite magazine give a warm and familiar feel to their arrival; good client notes allow you to discuss past appointments and where they want to progress with their hair, and well placed marketing can send client welcomes and thank you’s. It is a great idea to add a questionnaire to your thank you email which allows you to utilise the feedback by posting this onto your Facebook page so other potential clients can see how well you look after your clients.

Software can also help to really take the service to the next level, allowing you to book a clients next appointment from the comfort of the chair instead of making them queue at reception. This can be easily achieved by utilising diary access to your software on a tablet.

Let’s bring the pampering and luxury back to salon visits and treat all of our customers like the precious gems they truly are.