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Do You Consult During Consultations?

I’ve recently been finding out about how clients feel about visiting the salon for the first time and it was an eye opener! As many as 90% of clients are ‘hesitant’ before they visit a hair salon for the first time, more than 80% have left a salon in tears, and more than 70% said that their hairdresser does not listen to them.

These statistics are shocking, but what’s even more shocking is that all of these issues could be rectified by a proper consultation. I know that most of you take the time to discuss options with a client before their first visit, but how many of us go into real detail once we are comfortable with a client? I’ve seen a stylist mixing colour before the client has even walked through the door!

During the consultation we should be discussing every aspect of our client’s hair – we need to know so much more than just the style they want. We need to find out what they don’t like about their hair, how long they have to style their hair every morning, what their monthly budget is, what products they use, what their lifestyle is like and what hobbies they have – so we can offer the right solutions.

The consultation is about so much more than just a first visit. More than 60% of people change their hairdresser because they want to change their hair, and this could easily be prevented. It’s time to start talking, and more importantly, start listening.

Features in Premier Software, such as the client card, allow staff to keep a record of client preferences that can be input in to the system upon this first consultation. Call one of the Premier Software representatives today on +44(0)1543 466 580 to learn more about how the client card can help tailor your client experience.