Simple steps to spur career success

You’ve made the big decision to open your own salon and want to progress your career further by making it the most successful step you’ve taken so far. Need a little help on achieving this? Reward your boldness and bravery by following these simple steps to spur career success:

Team up

Whether it’s the day-to-day running of your business or acknowledging the opportunities to collaborate with businesses around you, you will benefit tenfold from teaming up. Skilled staff will help you run your business, impress your clients and create a solid reputation for your salon. Joining forces with local businesses will help widen your audience.

Approach a company with a similar client base, whether that’s a bridal store, florist or gym, armed with a well-considered proposition to collaborate. Whether that’s through offering staff money off treatments as a thank you for promoting your salon, or working in conjunction with each other to hand out one another’s fliers for promotion events.

Online presence

Don’t underestimate the importance of a social media presence. Here you can create friendships with local companies, reach new customers and demonstrate your skills and abilities through examples of your work.

Coupled with a strong website which is mobile friendly, attractive and interactive, you will make a positive first impression on any potential customer. Offer them online booking through your website or Facebook page, keep contact details up to date, obvious and accessible and shout about extra opening hours that make your services more accessible to clients.

Online reviews have increased in importance and are now invaluable. These help create the online reputation of your business. Monitor them carefully, reply to any comments and show a personal approach. This will resonate well with clients and help you to curb any concerns they might have.

Play smart with software

Invest in software that will help push your business forward. By using Premier Software, you will find more time is freed up to focus on other areas of the business. Premier Salon will help you manage online booking, reporting, loyalty, marketing and much more, taking the strain off you and your staff.

Set up marketing campaigns and newsletters to be sent direct to your client’s phone or email inbox; track client spending and reward loyalty with tags which will encourage repeat custom, or monitor staff performance and motivate your staff to achieve more. Their success is your success. Spur their career further and your career and business will blossom too.