Premier Spa Becomes First Scheduling Software in Space

Premier Software have always had lofty ambitions of creating stellar software, but now they’re really reaching for the stars – by being the official software of the first Lunar based Spa.

Due to the early stages of negotiations, and as we are under strict non-disclosure agreements to ensure that details of the space age enterprise are not leaked, we can say that the the business will be run by a large-scale company who’s owners surname sounds similar to a well known pickle manufacturer.

The new spa will be offering a number of authentic moon-based treatments, including Zero Gravity Anti-wrinkle treatments and Weightless Massages, where clients will gently float in open space as part of the holistic experience.

Situated in the Sea of Tranquility, the new spa facilities include relaxation pods, allowing clients to extend their stay while enjoying all the benefits of a the pure, filtered oxygen environment.

Picture courtesy of NASA

Premier Software are currently testing their software with the space-age broadband, which is supplied via a new, experimental Laser Communications Relay system.  Once testing is complete, our intrepid Installations and Training staff will be undergoing full astronautical training with NASA before making their journey (unfortunately, they have been informed that they will not be able to claim travel expenses for this particular mission).



In celebration of the news, Premier Software will be rebranding their Premier Spa salon management software as ‘Premier Spa-ce’, to reflect the exciting new opportunity.