Is Your Website Losing You Clients?

If you’re doing everything you can to keep your schedule fully booked but gaps keep occurring, ask yourself one simple question – is your website losing you clients?

Yes, that website which you may not have been giving any love, care or attention to recently has been sitting there wilting away in the background. It’s time to revive this useful tool with some well-earned TLC.

Your website is the virtual door to your salon. So, just as you aim to keep your curb appeal top notch, you should also pay the same attention to your online presence. We assure you that your time will be well spent.

Wondering where to start? Why not discuss your page as two aspects – layout and features.


First impressions of your website will be built from the appearance and layout. If crowded and unclear, anyone who lands on it will click the back arrow in no time. The key to preventing that from happening is by using consistency in appearance, large imagery to attract the eye, not feeling pressured to fill every piece of white space and making your website mobile compatible.

Help your viewer navigate your site with a simple navigation bar. Keeping content to a few key pages will ensure they get the information they require in as few clicks as possible.

Your content should then be broken down into digestible chunks through headers and bullet points, with call-to-action words such as ‘book now’ or ‘click here’ to tell viewers what you would like them to do next.


The first page they will land on is your home screen – the ideal place for you to detail your salon, what you are about, feature favourite testimonials and offer them the chance to subscribe. By subscription, you are gathering their email address to power up your marketing potential later. What do they get back? That’s completely up to you! Whether you send them a monthly newsletter with updates and deals or offer them a code for money off their first treatment, the choice is yours.

From the home page, you can link pages including menu/price list; opening hours and location, including directions and advice on parking; offers (which don’t have to be money off but can feature seasonal packages), and online booking.

This last point is vital. In today’s age we want everything to be instant, so the option to view availability for appointments and book at a time which suits the client is considered a huge asset. Premier Software delivers you the facilities you need to enable clients to book online through your website or Facebook page 24/7.

By actioning these simple tips, you will put your website to work and make use of a free tool which is at your disposal for no extra cost to your business.