Diversifying into Male Treatments

You’ve conquered the female market. Your salon is booming with the success of bikini waxes, nail art and relaxing facials, but you want more. Why not widen your horizons and consider diversifying into male treatments?

Strike while the iron is hot!

Male attendance in salons is on the increase. According to Salon Services Beautiful Britain Report, 63% of salons and 43% of mobile workers saw an increase in male customers in 2016. This equates to an 8% rise for salons and a 7% rise for mobile workers when compared to the previous year.

However, there is still a significant amount of businesses that do not offer male grooming services – an estimated 45% of salons and 64% of mobile professionals.

Why not beat your competition to the punch and open your salon doors to the male market?

Sounds like hard work? It doesn’t need to be! You already offer a variety of treatments which your female clients enjoy. All that’s required is some additional thought about the needs of male skin and a tweak in your marketing strategy to ensure they resonate with your new clientele.

Where to begin?

Start the process by taking a look at what you already know. If you’ve treated any male clients in the past, run a report from your software of what they booked.

Then, take a look at the remaining treatments currently on your menu and brainstorm how these could be altered to cater to the male audience. For example, your relaxing facial could incorporate an exfoliating and soothing element to help release pesky ingrown hairs caused by shaving, while your maintenance manicure could be pumped up with moisturising butters and lotions to help bring some suppleness back into hardened dry hands.

Make it male-specific

When you have your list of treatments and procedures, you can create a menu that caters specifically to male clients. By taking this step to separate your offerings, you are reassuring the opposite sex that these treatments are tailored specifically for them and quashing any feelings that salons are a single sex arena.

This also offers you the ideal opportunity to rename your treatments. Get creative and use strong, powerful words that will resonate well with male clients. A stress-busting facial, manly manicure, superhero scrub or dapper shave are sure to remove any connotations of the treatments being feminine.


Bulk up your retail stock to match your new male-friendly offerings.

As with any treatment, you should explain to your clients what you are doing at each stage. This will help to build an understanding of the treatment and a trusting relationship between you and your client. By explaining that the use of after-care products will extend the results of their treatment at home, you are much more likely to see success in upselling retail products at the till point.