Are You Considering Cross Training?

A recent BABTAC survey revealed that one in four beauty and hair professionals are training in new skills to offer their clients a wider range of services. Not only do these professionals believe that it is a great way of remaining competitive within their industry, but also it is a fantastic way to ensure your clients come back to your salon for all of their hair and beauty requirements.

Of all the services that professionals were undertaking, manicure, gel polish and enhancements training was seen as the most popular with 44% of the survey respondents claiming to be taking one of these courses. Second most popular course was to do with eyebrow services, with tanning coming close third.

When the survey respondents were asked what reasons they had for undertaking training in another service, 68% said that they were prompted by their clients and 53% said it was to bring in more income to their business.

Many therapists used to specialise in additional treatments such as reiki and craniosacral therapy, so as to offer their clients a really unique and intuitive treatment. There has been a decline in such holistic treatments, however with more and more professionals within the hair and beauty industry taking up new skills, we could potentially see that rise in these specialist skills again.

Have you or a member of your team signed up to train in extra services? We’d love to hear from you if you have and to what service you have signed up to and why!