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Waste Not, Want Not

During my time as a Salon Manager, I would look at my product bin at the end of the day ready to record which products had been used. I often found myself alarmed at what was actually in there. We regularly picked out tubes of colour that weren’t quite empty and backwash shampoos that had plenty of unused product hidden at the bottom that the pump couldn’t quite reach. I found it frustrating that good product was going to waste and the money we lost by not utilising every last drop. I now realise that teasing the last drops of shampoo from the bottle whilst my client wait patiently at the backwash isn’t the best image to portray, so I thought I’d share some methods we can all use to minimise wastage.

When anyone in the salon takes a new styling product off the shelf to use on a client, this should be recorded in your salon software and a sticky coloured dot place over the products barcode. This helps to track all items taken out for ‘professional use’ and the sticky dot helps identify the salon products from retail use. Another great tip is use a single product shelf which all everyone uses. Ensuring all stylists return products to one place after use prevents there being two or three of the same products open at the same time, reducing the amount of professional products you will need to order. All of us are guilty of buying too much, but by ordering your stock based on what has been used is far more effective than ordering by guesswork. Knowing what you currently have in stock and what has been used or sold will help you order the right quantities. By utilising your salon software to monitor your stock levels and product usage, reducing wastage and ultimately saving money couldn’t be easier.