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Is it Really That Easy to Change Software Providers?

Most spa or salon owners are faced with the difficult decision of changing a major supplier at some point in their business life – your retail products, salon or spa software, and even your premises.

These are matters that involve a lot of time, effort and hard work, and so many people shy away from them, preferring to stick with the status quo. But the fact remains it can be a really good idea to consider alternative options. Sometimes making the change can bring benefits that far outweigh the complications.

Let’s take changing your software provider as an example. It may seem a daunting task, but if your current system cannot offer the features that really make a difference, then you should definitely look at changing.

A good software system should almost run your business for you, sending automated marketing such as new client welcomes, thank you notes and ‘missing you’ reminders. It can also provide reports on key areas of your spa or salon, such as staff performance and growth.

Technology moves on so quickly that if your current software is more than five years old, there are bound to be new developments out there that could take your spa or salon to new levels. Most software contracts run for between three and five years – so perhaps it’s time to take a look around at what else is available.

This is where Premier Software comes in. We do all the hard work for you and our computer systems will keep track of your average bills, your rebooking and retention figures, retail sales, communicating with your clients every step of their journey and so much more!