Young female receptionist of beauty salon standing with hands crossed

Why it’s important to update your salon reception area

Your reception is the face of your salon, so it’s important you keep it rejuvenated. Making sure it looks fresh and attractive will keep clients engaged with what you have to offer, leaving a lasting impression. Here are five ways to refresh your salon reception area today:


First and last impressions

First and last impressions are important! As your reception features at both the start and end of a visit, a cheery greeting and pleasant goodbye will be what they remember most. That means it’s worth having a dedicated receptionist if you don’t already have one, creating a familiar face and friendly point of contact.

Placing products

As clients wait for their appointment, there’s a good chance they’ll browse your retail selection. Create eye-catching displays around reception and your products will stay front of mind, ready to be sold post-treatment. Creating special displays for national holidays such as Easter or Father’s Day will help keep things fresh!

Reception desk

The reception desk is a great area for small talk and last-minute sales. If you make it an attractive area with affordable retail or gift cards you could attract more sales! Make sure you keep changing these smaller items to keep them engaging.

Furniture reshuffle

With the number of clients wearing the sofa down, why not change it up for something new? Not only will you plump up your clients with new seating, but it’s also a chance to get creative by introducing new colours and design in the waiting area. Don’t forget to match your salon’s colour scheme and lighting!

Change your lighting

Natural lighting is wonderful for opening your salon, but having a back-up is useful for duller days. Changing up your bulbs for soothing blues or those that complement your colour scheme will refresh your salon whilst providing a new and potentially relaxing feel for your clients. Why not try it?


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