Why First Impressions Count (Even Before a Client Enters the Salon)

In a millennial-driven world, first impressions aren’t just about when someone walks through your salon door. First impressions now expand to online platforms, such as your website and social media channels. In this post we take a look at why first impressions count, even before a client enters the salon.

As a team you should be constantly meeting and discussing how to drive your business forward, which should also include conversations on how to make a great first impression to your prospects. The first step in doing this would be to review your website. Whilst your salon entrance is the first thing your clients see when they come for an appointment, your website will more than likely be the first thing they see of your business and brand when looking for somewhere to get their hair, nails or beauty treatments done.

We’re seeing more and more younger individuals booking in for treatments and services so the chances that they are finding your salon on a mobile or tablet device are quite high. With this being said, ensuring that your website is optimised to both of these devices can give a good user-friendly experience for the client, as well as some pretty visuals.

Think about the below functions when looking at updating your website:

  1. Online booking – with Premier Software, online booking can be integrated into your website so that clients can book appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at a time suitable to them.
  2. Feedback forms – encourage your clients to leave feedback on your website that can be used as testimonials in brochures or on social media.
  3. Downloadable brochure – having your brochure on your website is a great way for clients to see the services and prices that you offer, whether looking on their mobile, tablet or on a desktop PC.


It could also be a good idea to open up an online shop of all of the retail products you sell in the salon. Educating clients that they can purchase products online when they run out may encourage them to buy from you at a time convenient for them, rather than shopping elsewhere.

You could educate your clients via an e-newsletter sent out once a month with updates on what’s happening within your business and any offers that you might have for the upcoming month. Keeping clients in the loop will make them feel valued and involved. Clients that feel a part of a brand’s success also will have trust in you as a business and will want to come back to you time and time again.

Remember that your business is a brand, and to build a great brand, you need to create trust and opportunities. Whatever the contact method your clients and prospects reach out to you by, you need to ensure that you and your employees stay true to your brand values. First impressions can be made in as little as seven seconds, so you need to make sure that you are portraying every aspect of your business exactly how you want.