Wax Lyrical About Client Loyalty

As Summer is fast approaching it is time to focus on those treatments and services that bring in the most repeat business, such as waxing. Although waxing is seen as a quick-turnaround service, more spas and salons are looking at ways to add value to these treatments, for instance introducing consultations into looking after the skin in between waxes.

With waxing being one of the most recommended treatments by clients and with those treatments making up around 30% of business, it isn’t surprising that this can be a powerful tool for growth and revenue.

When encouraging return sales, you need to make sure that your service, treatment or product is up to scratch. With more businesses looking to add extra value to their waxing services, this is already giving your clients the first class experience they deserve and we all know that a happy customer is a loyal customer. Word-of-mouth is one of the most effective marketing tools out there and if your clients are happy with the service you have provided, then they are more likely to return.

To encourage clients to return, you should be looking to incentivise them. Using your Premier Software designed loyalty tags, you can allocate points to all of your waxing treatments and after your clients have collected a certain amount of points, they can redeem one waxing treatment for free. So for every four visits, the client gets a complimentary fifth treatment.

To learn more about client loyalty schemes in our Premier Software packages and how these can help to increase your client retention rates, call 01543 466 580 to speak to one of our Premier Representatives.