The Importance of Cyber Security

The importance of cyber security is rising in the hair and beauty industry, as the use of technology and online-based services increase. Never has it been more important to protect both your clients’ and your business’ private data from attacks, damage and unauthorised access.

Although hacking is fairly unreported within the industry, unfortunately it is not uncommon. A report of a hair salon in Scotland is just one example of the type of brutality salons can be subjected to when their security is compromised. Back in October 2015, the hair salon in question experienced a form of Ransomware, whereby hackers locked the hairdresser’s database and threatened to delete information from their system. As a resolution, the firm opted to pay the hackers the sum in demand to release their data. However this is not always a realistic option for smaller businesses, who may find the financial burden potentially crippling.

It is worrying that only a quarter of businesses (24 per cent) are taking steps to ensure they are secure from cyber attacks, according to research from insurance providers, Aviva. This is despite the Office of National Statistics revealing there were 2.5 million incidents of cyber crime between May and August last year.

You can avoid becoming a future figure in one such survey through the use of Core by Premier Software (Core), the ultimate spa, wellness and leisure management system. Core is PCI-DSS certified, meaning it has been rigorously tested and confirmed secure with the gold standard that card issuers have created to help reduce the level of fraud and card data loss.

In addition, Core is partnered with Verifone® and Paypal™, using their expertise for the very best protection and ease of payment. This includes securing hardware, malicious software breaches and encrypted SSL data for all of their online products; including bookings, package bookings and membership sign ups.

The software also contains password profiles which enable you to lock down features and functionality within the program. Thus your staff will only be able to access information which is relevant to their job set, preventing any unwanted or unintentional access from your staff.

All of these features exist to protect your clients and your business from any external threats. When these are accompanied with regular back-ups, they will help you to avoid the pitfalls of Ransomware in future.

With so much value encompassed within the security and the reputation of your business, don’t feel tempted to take any risks. Invest in software with built in precautions, such as Core that you can trust, and protect yourself from cyber hacking in future.

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