The Importance of a Happy Workplace

After a rather sombre 2016, we are bringing happiness to the New Year with a look at the importance of a happy workplace. It is often said that hairdressers always rank highest for job satisfaction in Britain, so what is it about hair salons that make them such enjoyable working environments?

According to a survey done back in 2012, the majority of hairdressers said that having control of their own duties, being able to manage their own workload and having stimulating work helped boost their satisfaction at work. Others said that they felt valued and appreciated within their role, as well as being able to use their skills on a daily basis. Could it be the passion for the job itself that is the contributing factor to their overall enjoyment at work? Or is it that their work goes towards someone feeling good about themselves? At the end of the day, more often than not, people leave the salon feeling a million dollars!

Hairdressers are creative individuals, and being able to create something beautiful every day must add to their sense of well-being. There is plenty of creative freedom with their role; they are able to express themselves and become fully immersed in each client visit.

What might lie at the heart of a happy workplace, might just be in the atmosphere. At one end of the spectrum sits corporate offices where the atmosphere is more stifled, and on the other end is a place much more relaxed, where personalities can shine. What’s more that personality transpires through to the clients who are sat in the chair; when they love their new look and feel confident, you can’t help but feel happy.

We’d love to hear what makes your salon so enjoyable to work in? Is it the staff? The environment that has been created? Or is it the clients that make everyday worthwhile? Leave your comments below!