The Easy Way to Increase Your Bookings

In a digital age, it might come to you as a shock that only 12 percent of hair and beauty salons use appointment booking and marketing software to offer online bookings. And with online booking being able to drive bookings by around 25 percent, we look at the easy way to increase your bookings through Premier Software.

As a business owner you will know your clients — what makes them tick, what days and times are the week are their best for appointments, how they like to book in with you — so it isn’t surprising that a whopping 80 percent of bookings for those salons using online booking, are out of hours. So whilst you’ve shut up shop for the night and are tucking into your favourite meal, your clients are busy checking their availability with yours.

Appointment booking and marketing software will automatically pick up the availability in your system and display it on the website. You have complete control over which appointments get shown and for which staff members. You may be thinking, ‘but what about the no-show rate?’ Oddly, there isn’t much of a difference when it comes to clients who book over the phone versus those who book online. However if your system is set up with SMS reminders, then you could reduce your no-show rate by around 50 percent!

Utilising your software can make the difference between your salon being good and your salon being great. If you can increase the amount of bookings you receive by opening up your appointment book, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week then surely you will be making back the cost of the software in no time. And what’s more, once the online functionality is set up then you don’t have to worry about a thing… other than making sure you have enough staff to take on the extra bookings.

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