Young woman happily relaxing on a towel whilst being smothered in cocoa butter at a spa.

The chocolate treatments that will sweeten your spa this Easter

With Easter fast approaching, chocolate treatments should play a big part at your spa. It isn’t just taste that will draw clients in, either. Cocoa beans contain strong antioxidants, which help tackle cell-damaging free radicals produced by oxygen within our bodies, as well as moisturise the skin. Promote this with special Easter treatments and you have an offer that will prove popular!

Here are just five chocolate treatment ideas to sweeten the deal this Easter:


Cocoa butter body scrubs

Before any treatment, it’s important to exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells. Cocoa bean shells and cocoa butter provide the ideal body scrub, containing minerals such as potassium and magnesium to revitalise skin.

Warm body wraps

With its moisturising qualities, cocoa butter can be smothered on clients’ bodies as a body wrap, creating a warm and nourishing experience. This then leaves other areas of the client open for other chocolate treatments.

Chocolate face masques

With its hydrating properties and vitamin B2 – essential for human health – it makes absolute sense to use chocolate as a facial masque. Heated chocolate cream or chocolate mousse masques can create a detoxifying and soothing experience that clients are sure to appreciate.

Milky manicures and pedicures

An easy way to soak up sweet success is with chocolate manicures or pedicures. Start by soaking client hands or feet in warm milk and then move to scrubbing them with sugar. Top off the treatment with a cocoa butter masque to provide the ultimate hydrating experience.

Cocoa soak

If you have the facilities, why not provide an immersive treatment that involves a bath of milk chocolate? The serotonin-filled chocolate envelopes the skin to smooth and soften it, creating the ultimate chocolate experience and lifting moods with the sweetest smell of all.


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