Stop Your Staff from Poaching Your Clients

If the time comes for a member of staff to move on, the last thing you want is for your client base to follow. A well-established business will ensure their clientele are attracted to more than just a specific therapist or stylist, but rather more the whole experience they receive during their visit, and will stop your staff from poaching your clients.

You make the experience

The experience your clients receive includes everything from what you bring to the business as a salon owner, to the style of your salon, its comfort and reputation. While service and relationship with a therapist or stylist also come into consideration, the reason clients visit shouldn’t hinge solely on this detail or you will be left in the danger zone if ever staff decide to leave.

One way to remedy this is by cementing yourself as part of the salon experience. Whether that’s simply a presence in your salon, chatting with clients during their visit, or sending a personal text message thanking them for their custom via your Premier Software automated marketing tool. Their relationship with you is something that can’t be recreated elsewhere.

In addition, consider the styling of your salon, the little extras you offer in terms of a drink, a biscuit, their favourite magazine, a comfortable chair to relax in and a warm atmosphere. If your clients feel they are appreciated and important, they will return to you time and again.

Selecting Staff

Of course, part of the client experience will be created by the therapist or stylist themselves and that’s why a thorough vetting process when hiring is vital. If this step is done correctly, you can significantly reduce the risk of being left in the lurch by your staff. For advice on how to ensure you hire the right candidate, you can read our blog post here.

During their employment, you can control their access to important client information via the permissions section of your software. This will provide security against a staff member taking your client list if they decide to leave.

If a future employment restriction is not already in their contract of employment, you could also consider getting advice from your lawyer about what might be added.

The departure

After you’ve received notice from a member of staff, it is completely acceptable and appropriate for you to contact their clients to let them know of their departure. Usually a phone call will work best as you are able to mention your sadness that they are leaving, but also enquire whether they would like you to reschedule their appointment with another member of staff.

Why not offer a discount or a free product as an incentive? They will be more likely to stay where they know and try another staff member while getting a cheaper treatment, than move into the unknown.

The client’s decision

Remember, it’s the client’s decision about where they place their business. If you are comfortable that your client journey and brand is strong, you are doing all you can!