Safe and Secure

Premier Software helps businesses protect themselves against card fraud and safeguard their clients’ personal data with the help of CORE by Premier.

Software security was a hot topic in 2015 and nowhere was this more prevalent than within the hospitality industry, with two major hotel chains being targeted in November alone. Hit by malware, both chains were targeted for their client’s personal data, specifically their credit card information. Personal and financial data protection goes to the very core of what makes consumers feel secure and is a vital component in building and maintaining trust in a business. To put this into context, 29% of all consumers have been subject to credit card fraud (source: ACI Worldwide); that’s nearly one in three.

Consumers put their trust in your business when they hand over their card details, and will hold you responsible if something goes wrong. With new data threats constantly emerging, hotels, spas and beauty establishments can’t afford to take payment security for granted. The fallout from an attack can be catastrophic, from initial discovery and containment cost for investigating the incident, to remediation and legal fees. The long term fallout for businesses may include:

• Loss of customer confidence
• Lost sales and revenue
• Decrease in online bookings due to fear of data security breaches
• Fines and penalties for non-compliance with PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and other regulations
• Dispute resolution costs
• Devaluation of the brand and loss of business reputation

Ensuring that your spa and business management software supplier provides you with a secure and robust solution is therefore vital. PCI-DSS is the standard that payment card issuers have created to help reduce the level of fraud and card data loss. It is the gold standard in security and requires software providers to be rigorously tested should they wish to be certified.

CORE by Premier is one such system. Fully PCI compliant it provides the most secure spa, leisure and wellness business management solution in the industry. CORE by Premier goes beyond PCI-DSS, providing hundreds of operators with a safe and secure method of processing credit card details, which forms part of their business’ overall PCI compliancy policy.

CORE by Premier’s parent company, Premier Software, also partner with Verifone® and Paypal™, leveraging expertise to ensure clients have the very best in protection. This includes physically securing hardware, preventing malicious software breaches and encrypted SSL data for their suite of online products, such as appointment bookings, package bookings and membership signups.

Threats can come in many guises, and may not always be from an external source. As a centralised, multi-site solution, CORE by Premier also allows administrators fine-tuned control over multiple locations and defined user level profiles, such as administrator, general manager, HR, duty manager and receptionist. Once the relevant profile is assigned to an employee, their role and level of access to sensitive data is set. A regional manager, for example, can be set to only have access to financial data at specific locations. In addition, each user can be assigned their own password which is associated to the relevant security profile.

CORE by Premier isn’t just any software provider, we are the ultimate business solution: a business partner that ensures clients have the most secure tools on the market. We want to make security a hot topic for your business in 2016; but for all the right reasons. From password-protected areas of the software to tackling online threats, we aim to provide you with all the tools to ensure your business is secure from the inside out.

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