Protect Your Business From Viruses and Ransomware

As salons increase their use of online-based services it has never been more important, as a salon owner, to protect your business from viruses and ransomware.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is the term given to ‘infections’ which hackers use to encrypt your computers data in order to ransom your own information back to you.

In the latest range of ransomware attacks, hackers have made use of the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol to remove any backups of your data, before encrypting it and demanding payment to give you access again.

How does this affect me?

Your Premier Remote system relies upon the Remote Desktop Protocol, which, if not protected could see your business at risk.

If you would like continued remote access to your software, you will not be able to disable your “Premier Remote”

What can I do to prevent an attack?

There are a number of steps you can take to ensure you are protected against ransomware:

1 – Set secure passwords – We already set secure passwords against your Premier Remote user. However, if you allow other members of staff to log in you will want to ensure these accounts have strong passwords too. Only provide access to the people who really need it.

2 – Back up your system – If you don’t already have an online backup tool in place, then now is a great time to get in touch with us to get one installed. It’s free as part of your support contract!

3 – Install antivirus or antimalware – These applications are widely available and will protect you against many forms of ransomware.

4 – Stay alert – Do not open email attachments from unknown sends, be careful of what websites are browsed on a work computer and use strong passwords for all accounts.


If you have any concerns about your software, please contact us on 0800 988 2824 and we can check your configuration to ensure you’re always as safe as possible.