Possession is Ownership

Retail can be a massive boost to your salon’s takings; it can increase customer loyalty and a comprehensive aftercare ¬†range will ensure your clients can maintain their hair or skincare routine at home, so why do so many salons struggle with their retail products? Here are a few pointers to help revive your retail:

  • If you use a product during a client’s service, place it in their hand. Possession is ownership, so if the client holds the item they are more likely to purchase it. It also gives them the opportunity to see the product and ask questions.
  • Talk about what you are using. Although this isn’t selling, not everyone has your knowledge so tell your client what you are using and why.
  • If a stylist or therapist uses a product all of the time but never sells it, take it away from them! If they feel that it is essential for them to perform their job, why wouldn’t it be essential for the client to take home?
  • Increase your product knowledge. We can get comfortable using the same products and this sometimes means we don’t make the correct choices for clients. This can be down to a lack of experience with a full product range, however by holding staff training you can use this time to experiment with, discuss and explore your product range.
  • Even though most products are easily accessible online, don’t fear the internet. Clients will buy from you if you take an interest in their purchase; they will happily pay a premium for your advice and expertise.