Loyalty Schemes: Partnering with Other Businesses

Are you looking for a new way to increase your client base? If so, we have the answer that is practically on your doorstep… or just a few streets away. Whether or not this is something you already do, partnering with other businesses in your area is a great way of showcasing your marketing material to people who may have never heard of your salon or services before.

Whilst you should be very selective with the businesses you choose to approach – some partnerships can be more damaging than they are worth – it is an excellent opportunity to grow interest and reach out to a new audience. When selecting those whom you wish to partner with, bear in mind that you should be choosing businesses that your existing clients already know, love and trust. These are the companies and brands that you know have a similar client base to you, thus their clients should be more likely to use you.

If you are selecting a standalone business, be sure to do your research beforehand as to whether they have any direct competitors. The last thing you want to do is partner with one business and subsequently stop others from recommending you to their clients, especially as this can put a roadblock in any future chances of tapping into their customer base.

You can incentivise the partnership by creating an affiliate scheme between you and the other business, so that you – the business owners – get the reward for each referral that comes your way. Alternatively, you can set up a loyalty scheme for the new clients that are being referred.

With your Premier Software designed loyalty tags, issue these out to any new clients and pop a note on their client record card that they have been referred. For each new referred client a discount can be given for the first service or treatment they redeem. This introductory discount or offer can be promoted through marketing material that will be given out by your business partner to their customers.

To learn more about loyalty schemes in our Premier Software packages and how these can help to increase your client base, call 01543 466 580 to speak to one of our Premier Representatives.