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Is Your Business Open 24/7?

Online booking could open the doors to your salon, clinic or spa 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

In this ever-increasing world of technology, a client’s smartphone or tablet is often a vital part of the way they organise their life, containing everything from essential apps to their full contact list.

How helpful would it be as a client to receive a reminder email, with a link to your business’ online booking when they are due for their next appointment? They would then be able to book directly from the link you send, making the whole experience easier and more convenient for the clients whilst also freeing up reception time.

Many of our client spend their working life in an office dealing with everything by email or online, so online booking may be a far more accessible way for these clients to book their appointments.

Online booking also allows clients to book their appointments at any time of the day or night whether the spa is open or closed. As well as a link on your website (and including this link in all correspondence you send to clients) you can also easily add your online booking to your Facebook page, allowing you to post feedback and offers on your Facebook with a direct link to book into the spa. Online booking will not only increase accessibility to the spa for your clients it will also make the whole running of your reception far more efficient.

Surely in this day and age no spa can afford to be without this vital technology and direct link to its clients.

If your current Premier software licence doesn’t allow for online booking and it is a feature that you feel will enhance your business, it could be that you are not currently benefiting from Premier Support. Contact +44(0)1543 466 580 to speak to one of our Premier representatives today to discuss how you can improve the booking experience for your clients.