Music within a salon

In order to play music in your salon, you are required to have a licence. Make sure you know everything you need to know  about music within a salon and if yours is doing it right!

Playing music in your salon can help to make the experience more enjoyable for your client. It will also become part of your salons identity and brand, so remember to pick wisely.

You might think playing the radio is fine because its broadcasted and anyone can listen –  wrong!

You need a licence to listen to music, whether it be the radio, a CD, downloads or the TV. Purchasing a PPL Licence (Phonographic Performance Limited) enables you to play any of those. Once you have the licence you can play music within areas such as, waiting rooms, reception rooms, treatment rooms as well as on-hold music on the telephone.

The cost of a licence will depend on your business. With a salon, it will be dependant on how many chairs/treatment rooms you have. For example, if you have between 1-10 chairs it will cost you a total of £148.48 for your licence.

However, if you play only traditional radio stations or TV broadcasts and have less than 5 chairs, you could qualify for a concessionary licence fee, which means you only pay 50% off the cheapest licence fee available.

For more information on licences and how to purchase yours, please visit the PPL website here.