Lights, Camera, Collection

No matter how often you update your business’ social media pages, your website is ultimately the last place (online) your potential clients visit before booking an appointment with you. Your website should showcase collections of your best work, whilst still keeping the visuals ‘on brand’. To achieve this, you need to ensure that your photoshoot is spot on. Follow our tips below for how to get the results you want without having to break the bank:

Create a Moodboard

Look through hair, fashion and make-up magazines for inspiration, as well as websites such as Pinterest. Gather 10 – 15 images of what you are hoping the overall shoot to look like and start planning towards how you can achieve similar looks.

Find the Right Model

Whether you are looking to hire a professional, a local college student or one of your clients, spend the time and effort into finding someone with the right “look” for your vision.

Use the Best You Can Afford

Whilst we’re not saying you should buy the most expensive camera – the cameras on our smartphones can be just as good – be sure to research the equipment you are looking to use. Get familiar with the settings and functions as this could make all the difference when looking to get those professional shots.

Be ‘Snap Happy’

The more photos you take, the more options you have to choose from. Try taking photos from different angles and mixing up the light to see what works best for your images.

Don’t Forget the Little Details

Your main focus point for your photographs will of course be the hair, however you need to take into consideration the model’s outfit, make-up and accessories. You want the hair to stand out, but these little details can help create the overall look you are trying to produce.