Let’s Talk Client Retention

It’s vital that you make it easy for clients to come back to your salon sooner, not later. Pre-booking clients should be standard procedure, so long as it doesn’t create appointment gridlock for certain technicians too far in advance.

Schedule ‘client visit frequency’ as the topic of your next staff meeting. Prepare some notes and figures detailing the revenue potential of a client that visits your salon eight times a year versus six (use your average bill to calculate the figures) and have the staff make recommendations for increasing visit frequency. Set team goals for the next three months and go for it.

Client retention is one of the most powerful revenue producing and productivity building strategies available. Unfortunately, the majority of salons only average 30 per cent new client retention – it should be as high as 80 per cent. The first step to improve this rate is to begin tracking how many first-time clients your salon is seeing and how many of those clients are actually coming back within a 90-day period. If you are not tracking client retention, you have no idea how many clients are not coming back.

After discovering your client retention rate, it’s time to pinpoint roadblocks (reasons why clients may not be coming back) and begin eliminating them. As you focus on client retention, you will see productivity increase as a result.