Let Your Business Bloom

As a new season gets underway, we take this opportunity to see how you can put a little more life back in to your salon after the long Winter months. So what can you do to let your business bloom this Spring?

  • Attend trade shows. Now is the perfect time to take charge of any new services or treatments you’ve been dying to offer or train in. With exhibition season up and running, make sure you visit the ones of interest to you and your business, armed with a list of questions. If you know exactly which companies you wish to speak to, contact them prior to the show to arrange a meeting. This will not only save you time but will ensure you have the full attention of the representative you are speaking to.
  • Refresh your skills. It’s not just your salon or spa that could do with a lick of paint this season, but it is also a great opportunity to brush up your skills with new techniques. The hair and beauty industry are constantly changing, so ensure you’re ahead of the game and can offer your clients the most up to date treatments and services.
  • Host a promotional event or evening. Most salons open late during the week, so make the most of your opening hours by hosting your very own promotional evening. Hosting a ‘plus one’ event to showcase new products, services or treatments is an excellent way of speaking with your regular clients, as well as showcasing to those ‘plus ones’ what it is you do.
  • Speak to your local reps. If you’re hosting an event, speak to one of your local reps to see if they will help promote their products to your clients. If it isn’t a service they offer, ask whether they have any marketing literature free of charge that you can hand out in goody bags or as clients are leaving the salon.
  • Be organised. When planning your event, be sure to email or send a text message to your clients with their invitation. You can set this up within your Premier Spa or Premier Salon software. Ensure that your clients confirm their attendance so you can keep an eye on numbers and to avoid any time wasters.